Who is Eligible?
You may be eligible for free legal services through VLSP if you live in Monroe County and have very limited income and assets. VLSP can represent clients with incomes up to 125% of the federal poverty index and, in some circumstances, clients with incomes up to 200% of the poverty level. When you call VLSP for an appointment, you will be asked to provide information about all income in your household. You may also be asked to bring proof of your income to your first appointment; for example, copies of pay stubs and savings and bank account or investment statements. VLSP only represents residents of Monroe County whose income and assets are below our financial guidelines.
2017 Income and Asset Eligibility Guidelines

Schedule A: 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size Weekly Monthly Yearly
1 $464 $2,010 $24,120
2 $625 $2,707 $32,480
3 $785 $3,403 $40,840
4 $946 $4,100 $49,200
5 $1,107 $4,797 $57,560
6 $1,268 $5,493 $65,920
7 $1,428 $6,190 $74,280
8 $1,589 $6,887 $82,640

Schedule C: Asset Ceilings

Household Size Asset Limit
1 $4,150
2 $5,400
3 $6,100
4 $6,150
5 $6,200
6 $6,800
7 $7,650
8 $8,500
All legal work is performed by private attorneys and other legal professionals who volunteer to help VLSP's clients, without charging a fee for their hourly rate. 

In some areas, there are far more clients seeking help than there are pro bono volunteers available to help. In these areas, VLSP must limit its work to certain types of cases. 

Some pro bono attorneys accept cases in which they provide full representation. Others participate in VLSP clinics: Family Law Clinic, Debt Clinic, Pro-se Divorce Clinic, Wills Clinic or the Lawyer of the Morning Program (a collaboration between VLSP and The Legal Aid Society of Rochester to assist low-income tenants facing eviction proceedings).
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