Not for Profit Pro Bono Program

Not For Profit Pro Bono Project

What is the Not For Profit Pro Bono Project?
Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County, Inc., (VLSP) assists low income residents of Monroe County since 1981. VLSP established the Not For Profit Pro Bono Project (NFPPB) to provide pro bono (free) legal assistance to community organizations who cannot afford legal services.

Community organizations provide a wide variety of services to a broad cross-section of our community. Many of these organizations are small neighborhood based groups with limited budgets and resources. Such organizations are unable to afford the essential legal services they need to incorporate, operate effectively, sustain themselves and grow. VLSP established NFPPB to meet their needs.

Legal services available:
NFPPB provides pro bono legal assistance on a range of legal issues, including:
  • Incorporation
  • Drafting organizational documents and by-laws
  • Obtaining tax exempt status and other tax advantages
The process to obtain assistance
Community organizations seeking assistance must complete and submit the attached application form, together with the documents requested in the application form.
A staff at VLSP will review the application form and required documents once received, and may contact a representative of the community organization named as the contact person in the application form to schedule an intake meeting.
If the community organization's application is approved after internal review, VLSP will try to recruit an attorney to assist the community organization with the legal matter(s) identified in the application form on a pro bono basis. There will be no charge to the community organization for VLSP's services or those of the volunteer attorney. However, the community organization will be responsible for filing fees and associated costs required by local, State or Federal agencies.
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